Human Motion Trajectory Prediction: A Survey

Motion Prediction Taxonomy

Human Motion Trajectory Prediction: A Survey

Andrey Rudenko, Luigi Palmieri, Michael Herman, Kris M Kitani, Dariu M Gavrila, Kai O Arras

The International Journal of Robotics Research, 2020


With growing numbers of intelligent systems in human environments, the ability of such systems to perceive, understand and anticipate human behavior becomes increasingly important. Specifically, predicting future positions of dynamic agents and planning considering such predictions are key tasks for self-driving vehicles, service robots and advanced surveillance systems. This paper provides a survey of human motion trajectory prediction. We review, analyze and structure a large selection of work from different communities and propose a taxonomy that categorizes existing approaches based on the motion modeling approach and level of contextual information used. We provide an overview of the existing datasets and performance metrics. We discuss limitations of the state of the art and outline directions for further research.

  title={Human motion trajectory prediction: A survey},
  author={Rudenko, Andrey and Palmieri, Luigi and Herman, Michael and Kitani, Kris M and Gavrila, Dariu M and Arras, Kai O},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.06113},

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